This Wine Wednesday Go Organic

2011 Natura CarmenereThis 2011 Natura Carmenere is a wonderful example of a true organically grown wine, allowing the true flavors of the grapes to shine through. The Natura vineyard, located in Colchagua Valley, Chile, is comprised of winemakers who understand that the best way to obtain healthier vineyards & wines, help protect the environment, as well as its workers, is to farm with organic and biodynamic agriculture. In other words, replacing the pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers with natural products such as compost from the actual grape plants themselves, fertilization by planting grasses and legumes around the plants that help contribute nitrogen to the soil and allowing animals to graze to help control the weeds. This also serves to protect the soil from contamination and degradation and reduce the vineyards overall carbon emissions.

Their ruby red Carmenere is composed of 85% Carmenere, 8% Syrah, 4% Cabernet Franc and 3% Merlot grapes and has repeatedly won awards through the years sponsored by such notables as Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate.

The wine has earthy aromas of dark cherry & blueberry and a touch of black pepper and is velvety smooth.  On the palate, there are prominent tastes of blueberry and boysenberry as well as hints of sassafras, black tea, vanilla, mocha and chocolate. The finish is fruity but not overly complex with a touch of mint and chocolate.

A medium-bodied, dry red wine that has light spices and a smooth texture and makes a perfect everyday drinking wine. A steal at $8.99! Serve chilled between 60-65 degrees.

Food Pairing: Serve this wine with grilled red meats as well as poultry, ham, pastas and ripe cheeses.

Price: $8.99

3 and one half out of 5

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